Attucks England Consulting (AEC) is a turnkey consulting initiative that targets small business clientele. AEC provides entrepreneurs at specified stages of their business’s life cycle with the essential skills to gain not only profitability but more importantly sustainability and legitimacy, with an end goal of economic development. Our primary focus is within three areas of business:

  • Upstart includes businesses that are less than 5 years in operations as an established business.
  • Emerging is a business that has been established for more than 5 years.
  • Succession includes the more seasoned businesses that are at the point of transitioning leadership.

Additionally, AEC offers a la carte items for businesses at all levels.

Industry Report: Specific
Business Plan & Pitch Deck
Financial Report
Marketing Analysis
Financial Evaluation & Supply Chain Report
5 Year Plan & Trend Report
LLC Processing
Tax Identification Processing
Operation Agreement